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Who should barter?

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

In deciding whether or not to get involved in barter, counter-trade or offset trade, the first question a business owner must ask is: Do I have something to barter? The answer is yes for most small businesses. If they have excess inventory, they have goods to barter. If they are a service provider with the capacity to handle more clients, they have expertise to barter.

Businesses suitability to barter

For a business to be suitable for barter exchange membership it must have between a 30-percent to 35-percent profit margin on the products or services that it intends to offer. This allows the business to make a sufficient margin to reap the benefits of purchasing goods / services at a large-enough discount to make the idea worth-while.

Individuals suitability to barter

Individuals are uniquely suited to becoming members of a barter exchange as they are capable of offering services often fall into the “ad-hoc personal needs” category. Whilst each product or service may not be of a high-value they can add up to a significant amount for a business owner at the end of each month. They also provide the ability for a member to make acquisitions using trade credits that are not readily available through other retail barter exchanges:

  • Lawn-mowing & gardening
  • Hair styling / colouring
  • Assisting in letter writing, dealing with agencies etc
  • Handyman type services
  • Book-keeping and other professional services
  • Computer support
  • Website design
  • Housework / cleaning
  • Tutoring and teaching – homework, music, arts, fitness, computers
  • Workshops on any subject members wish to learn about
  • Home exchange for holidays
  • Escorting people on errands and appointments
  • Shopping or doing errands for people
  • Giving time off to people caring for relatives
  • Telephoning – for companionship, membership lists, advertising, language practice
  • Languages – translation, conversation
  • Counselling people in need
  • Food – meal preparation, cooking, baked goods
  • Rentals of tools and equipment
  • Minor auto and bike repairs
  • Gift items, household items, handmade items
  • Recycled sports equipment, children’s items etc.
  • Space – storage, garage, for activities
  • Teaching/supervising others who whish to learn what you know

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What is Ormita?

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

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“Unsold appointment time, empty hotel rooms, unsold venue passes, unfilled advertising space, rapidly depreciating stock, idle production time, vacant seats, end-of-line items and oversupplied products are known as “dead capital” and there is approximately 9.3 trillion dollars of it world-wide.”

The Ormita Platform allows business owners to exchange their surplus time, products and/or capacity for items they would otherwise have purchased using cash.

Ormita is an International Commerce Network (a Barter or Trade Network).

Ormita is an amazing business opportunity for you.

The Ormita Difference

· Modeled after the Swiss WIR

· Participants commit to a regular buying cycle where they will offset a fixed amount of monthly expenses against new revenue (typically $2000 – $4000 per month).

· NO Joining Fee – Members only sell when they have something to buy (commit to a Buying Schedule)

· Buying Schedule Fee is charged only after the new member agrees to the trade offsets found for them found by their Client Director and Broker.

· NO Monthly Fee – There is no monthly fee is a member meets their Buying Schedule commitments (and pays their monthly commission charges via credit card).

· NO Fee When Purchasing

· 7% Fee When Selling (of the total transaction value)

· Sellers receive part of any sale they make in cash – thereby covering taxes, their hard costs and our administration fees.

· Interest FREE Credit Line

Ormita is the only exchange that focuses both equality and emphasizes on the buying needs of it’s participants before they are allowed to become a member. By purchasing using their own products or services instead of cash, our members can automatically reduce the net cash cost on anything they buy (the difference between the cost to supply a new customer versus buying goods out of existing cash income).

Ormita has an industry-leading trading platform; providing an eMarketplace with full online banking to its members. Each member has a support team that includes their Broker and Client Director to facilitate and manage participation. Transactions include applicable GST or Sales tax.

Depending on the business type, a company may receive a portion of their sales in cash (as defined in our Equity Program). This allows the vendor to immediately recover a significant portion, if not all, of their cost of goods sold and applicable taxes; providing the overall membership with greater availability of products and services at the right price.

There are NO fees for qualifying Media Providers and Non-Profit Organizations and Ormita promotes an aggressive Affiliate Program.

Do you want to know more about the Ormita Commerce Network or become a member, joint venture partner or barter exchange franchise owner?  Visit our website at or