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Ormita and the Environment

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Wastage is not primarily created because of over-consumption:

It is created because of over-production and inefficient use of what is produced. Throwing things away instead of recycling or on-selling is one of the major causes of environmental waste across the globe.

Ormita allows businesses to recover the cost, and to make a profit, on their previously surplus or overstocked items whilst maintaining the integrity of both the environment and their own balance sheets.

Time and excess capacity are another priceless non-recoverable, non-recyclable limited commodity. Selling or donating under-utilized time and capacity means greater wealth for the buyer and the local community.

Some other features unique to the Ormita product:

  • Offers the ability for your company to reduce its waste footprint
  • Provides a more efficient way to use and dispose of assets whilst retaining their value
  • Both unsold products and services can be on-sold without loosing their value
  • Cost to acquire preferred / environmentally sustainable products is reduced
  • Greater purchasing power = more flexibility to acquire environmentally sustainable products
  • Less travel and transport required when dealing with local markets

Local asset protection:

Economies of scale, transfer pricing, and capitalising on cheap Third World labour or raw materials enables larger multinational and interstate manufacturers and retailers to tip the so-called “level playing field” in their direction, to the detriment of local businesses. Ormita is a solution to these issues:

  • As stocks of unused goods become mobilized, people become employed, and those traditionally at the “bottom” of the economy like home-makers, farmers and unskilled labourers find a place in the economy, and through it, in society
  • Ormita provides an opportunity for local enterprises to sell their products and for communities to reduce the need for imports
  • Community relations and standards of living improve
  • Increased local trade helps to ensure that more local assets stay within the community

Building Community Networks

Because Ormita plugs its members into a local information network, it provides new or isolated residents living in a local community with an instantaneous community support system of other entrepreneurs and consumers.

Local Welfare

Community wealth is not related to the amount of cash in a community, but the amount of assets, capacity and skills. Ormita offers a way to mobilise and transfer assets in times when cash is difficult to come by yet allows for pricing integrity to stay the same.

  • Ormita promotes local entrepreneurship
  • Addresses the need of fair trade between cash poor / cashless groups (school age, elderly, infirmed etc)
  • Creates loyalty and long-term relationships between participants

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